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Evening at the Square 2020 featuring The Lincoln Project

6:30 PM 8:00 PM

Evening at the Square 2020 featuring The Lincoln Project

6:30 PM 8:00 PM

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In a time when election-year politics have hit a fevered pitch, American Public Square at Jewell is pleased to welcome founders of The Lincoln Project (TLP), a notable group of political strategists who seek to, in their own words, “hold accountable those who would violate their oaths to the Constitution and would put others before Americans.”

In so doing, The Lincoln Project is bucking their Republican roots and the GOP party line to back the Biden-Harris Presidential ticket in 2020, and their message has been getting a lot of attention.

At APS, our goal is to challenge ourselves and each other, and to grow in our ideas as a result. With bitter polarization and a collective “allergy” to civil discourse on the rise, we will use this opportunity to explore what has motivated these veterans of the political system to shed their partisan identity to pursue a once unthinkable political objective—electing a U.S. President on the other side of the infamous aisle–out of a sense of patriotic duty to their country.

We invite you to join APS as we engage in a moderated conversation with this group to explore the strength inherent in learning to change one’s mind.

    • What is it like to go against the grain of your political party?
    • Have party-line politics crippled us as a society?
    • How has polarization and extremism changed the moderate spectrum of both parties?
    • Does any leader have the ability to unite our deeply divided nation?

American Public Square Founder’s Civility Award Recipient: Rev. Adam Hamilton

In conjunction with this annual event, Evening at the Square, American Public Square at Jewell is proud to recognize Rev. Adam Hamilton as the inaugural recipient of the American Public Square Founder’s Civility Award. This award is intended to honor the accomplishments of a remarkable leader who has demonstrated a commitment to bringing together our diverse community to engage in civil, fact-based dialogue. We believe Adam embodies that ideal in every interaction and serves as a model for us all.


Reed Galen is a co-founder of The Lincoln Project. He is an independent political strategist whose years of experience stem from working for President George W. Bush, Senator John McCain, and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Jennifer Horn is a co-founder of The Lincoln Project and a communications strategy consultant. She served as Chairman of the NH Republican Party, 2013-2017, and was the 2008 NH2 Congressional nominee. She served as Co-Chair of the NH Log Cabin Republicans and sat on the Log Cabin Republicans national board of directors. She was an award-winning radio talk show host and is currently a columnist for the New Hampshire Union Leader.
Steve Schmidt is a co-founder of The Lincoln Project. He’s a communications and public affairs strategist. He has worked on numerous Republican campaigns including, President George W. Bush, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Senator John McCain. Today, Schmidt is an MSNBC political analyst appearing frequently on the network.
Rick Wilson is a co-founder of The Lincoln Project. He is a seasoned Republican political strategist, frequent political commentator, New York Times best selling author, media consultant, and innovative ad-maker. He is currently Editor-at-Large of The Daily Beast. Author of Everything Trump Touches Dies, Wilson is an outspoken critic of the Trump administration and the current state of the GOP. Wilson served as field director for George H.W. Bush’s campaign in 1988.
This program is generously supported by:

Jean & Tom McDonnell
The McIntosh Foundation

Jennifer & Bud Bacon
Children’s Mercy Hospital
Real Media KC
Marny & John Sherman

Nancy Cohn & Allan Katz
In honor of Mayor Mike Copeland
Grant Davis
Sandi & Ed Fried
Dave Johnson
The Kansas City Star
KCUR 89.3 FM
Regina & Bill Kort
Rebecca & Jim Pruett
Beryl Raff
Paul Russell
Cyprienne Simchowitz & Jerry White
William Jewell College

Sarah & Jonathan Baum
Sue McCord Belzer & Irv Belzer
Bert Berkley
Claire & Denton Bishop
Mary & Tom Bloch
Bonnie & Herb Buchbinder
Rebecca & Harper Coulson
Peggy & Terry Dunn
Joe Falk
Don Hinkle
Ellen & Irv Hockaday
Sharon & John Hoffman
Husch Blackwell
Jenny & John Isenberg
Mary & Mark Jorgensen
Drs. Sofia & Shahbaz Khan
Begonya & Jason Klumb
Howard Lubow
MainStream Coalition
Marti & Pat McLarney
Alana Muller & Marc Hammer
Lydia & Eric Muller
Sue Seidler Nerman & Lewis Nerman
Lynne & Mark O’Connell
Patty & Jerry Reece
Ann & Bob Regnier
Bill Rubin
Ursula Terrasi
David Westbrook
Wickham James Strategies & Solutions
Beth & Karl Zobrist

Join American Public Square at Jewell for Cocktails & Politics as we feature special guest Kevin Yoder.

Kevin Yoder was as a Member of Congress from 2011 to 2019. During his time in office, he served on the House Appropriations Committee being appointed as a freshman member with responsibility for authoring legislation to establish and fund priorities of the federal government. In this capacity, Rep. Yoder served as Chairman of both the Homeland Security Subcommittee and the Legislative Branch Subcommittee. He also served on the Agriculture, Financial Services, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, Commerce Justice and Science, State and Foreign Operations and Military Construction and Veterans Affairs subcommittees. Rep. Yoder also served on the House Steering Committee, as deputy Whip in the House GOP and Vice Chairman at the National Republican Congressional Committee. Prior to being elected to Congress, Kevin represented Leawood and Overland Park as a Representative in the Kansas State Legislature, where he chaired the House Appropriations Committee. Kevin is also a member of the Board of Directors for American Public Square.

Grab your favorite drink and join us for this digital event as Kevin shares insights about how the Republican Party has changed, what he sees happening in November elections, and what might happen if either side wins.

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