Bringing together non-like-minded people for fact-based, civil conversations about national, regional, and local issues.

American Public Square is a nonpartisan nonprofit that seeks to change the tone and quality of public discourse. We organize programs that feature expert panelists and audience members with opposing views talking to each other, civilly, about controversial topics. Though these discussions may not always change minds, everyone walks away with a better understanding of the other side, a key step toward respect, compromise, and resolution. Join the conversation!

Upcoming Events


September 2019

APS 2019 Student Initiative

APS 2019 Student InitiativeAPS 2019 Student Initiative: Supporting future civil, fact-based public forums by Ashley Beard-Fosnow, Executive Director, American Public Square  To maintain the health of our democracy, we citizens must be able to have meaningful public...

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Good Fight Reading Roundup

The Good Fight For Resources Reading Roundup Every day in Kansas City good people do good things. Community advocacy organizations fight the good fight to improve this city and to provide services to all Kansas Citians. But resources are limited, and groups compete...

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Forging Alliances: Reading Roundup

Forging Alliances: Addressing Violence in Kansas City Reading Roundup The inaugural program of APS's KC Common Good series featured a screening of the documentary Uncommon Allies by filmmaker Jon Brick. The film focuses on the relationship between Mothers in Charge—an...

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Thank you so much! I have enjoyed the programs a lot, learned a lot, been dismayed a lot, and changed some of my opinions. So glad you came to Kansas City!

An informative, evenhanded discussion.

I believe that the format of the panel, the panelists themselves, the moderator, and even the audience maintained the mantra of civility in such an impressive manner. The event was not only enjoyable, but also edifying!

Interesting. Refreshing to listen in a calm atmosphere.

Well done! Moderator, civility bell, fact checkers, reception to encourage friendliness, discouraging clapping.