American Public Square at Jewell releases its 2020 Annual Report

July 13, 2021
American Public Square at Jewell is pleased to share a collection of stories and outcomes from 2020, a year like no other

Kansas City, MO: American Public Square at Jewell (APS) has released its 2020 Annual Report, highlighting the organization’s efforts in what became a globally unprecedented year.

In the report, readers will find stories highlighting:

  • How APS programming shifted to address pandemic-driven social distancing (virtual events, a new podcast and more!).
  • New student programming centered on teaching youth the fundamental value of civil disagreement as a bedrock of democracy.
  • A dynamic programming lineup that made space to address issues driving civil unrest – pandemic politics, racial tensions, the divisive presidential election, and more.

View the report here.

Media inquiries can be directed to Robin Smith via email

KC-based American Public Square at Jewell (APS) announces collaboration with Newsweek

June 25, 2021
The collaboration will drive nationwide engagement in APS’ programming, centered on civil, fact-based discourse that spans policy issues and political spectrums.

Kansas City, MO: American Public Square at Jewell (APS) announces a new collaboration with Newsweek, a premier news organization that has been bringing high-quality journalism to readers around the world for more than 80 years.  Through this partnership, APS and Newsweek will work together to engage audiences nationwide in APS’ signature programming, which offers civil, fact-based discourse on complex topics such as immigration, gun violence, race relations, mental health and more.

Newsweek will serve as a co-publisher and producer of programming given their shared interest in providing readers quality content that examines local, regional and national issues from all angles.

On the new partnership with APS, Newsweek deputy opinion editor Batya Ungar-Sargon noted, “Newsweek is extremely invested in the values that animate American Public Square at Jewell–the idea of civil discourse and debate, the idea that we’re not afraid of wading into difficult conversations because we are convinced that more unites us than divides us. I so admire what APS has done and we want to show solidarity when it comes to this sacred work our nation depends on.”

Coming at a time when tensions remain heightened across policy and social issues, this collaboration will enable APS and Newsweek to expand their audiences nationwide. It will provide individuals an opportunity to better understand complex issues, hear differing perspectives from experts, and learn more about how to become involved on a personal level.

Those interested in APS’ work and the Newsweek partnership are invited to engage with American Public Square at Jewell on our social media platforms, including YouTube where all APS programming can be viewed for free.

About APS: American Public Square at Jewell is a Kansas City-based nonprofit community organization working to improve the tone and quality of public discourse. Through its diverse events, programs and resources, APS offers a better understanding of divergent perspectives with a focus on civility, facts and balanced perspectives – a key step toward mutual respect, compromise and resolution of challenging issues.

About Newsweek:  Newsweek is a premier news magazine and website that provides the latest news, in-depth analysis and ideas about international issues, technology, business, culture and politics. In addition to its online and mobile presence, Newsweek publishes weekly English print editions in the United States, Europe/Middle East/Africa and Asia as well as editions in Japanese, Korean, Polish, Serbian and Spanish.

Media inquiries can be directed to Robin Smith via email