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An APS Special Screening: UnRepresented


An APS Special Screening: UnRepresented

Join American Public Square at Jewell for a special screening of “UnRepresented” followed by a panel discussion to explore themes raised by the film.

UnRepresented Executive Producer, Andrew Rodney, describes the film as:

UnRepresented is an award-winning documentary that uncovers the mechanisms that drive the cycle of corruption in Congress—giving political insiders enormous, unchecked power.

The film explores how special interests bankroll political campaigns and relentlessly lobby to rig the system in their favor, all while following the letter of the law.

Featuring luminaries and leaders including Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig and sitting member of Congress Rep. Justin Amash, the film reveals the powerful possibilities to reform our government to better represent the people.

UnRepresented serves as a rallying call to bring committed public servants, activists and everyday Americans together to take action across partisan lines to change our flawed political system.

American Public Square encourages participants to watch the documentary anytime between 8am AM on May 27th through 5pm on May 28th.

Then, on Thursday, May 28th at 6pm Central Time, tune in online for a panel discussion moderated by American Public Square founder and CEO, Ambassador Allan J. Katz. Panelists include UnRepresented Executive Producer Andrew Rodney, Entrepreneur & Reformer Greg Orman, USC Political Science Professor Dan Schnur, and William Jewell College Professor of Political Science Alan Holiman, PhD.


To learn more about the film, visit the official website.

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