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Gun Violence in Missouri: Seeking Solutions

12:30 PM CST

Gun Violence in Missouri: Seeking Solutions

12:30 PM CST

Gun violence in Missouri has long been treated as a crime issue, but after decades of that approach the problem is worse than ever. Public health experts say real solutions come from addressing the root causes that lead to violence. That means improving economic stability, neighborhoods and built environments, education, and access to food and the health care system.

Join us and The Kansas City Star at 12:30 p.m. on Feb. 17 for the first digital program of the year in our series Gun Violence in Missouri: Seeking Solutions.

Our discussion will focus on public health solutions to gun violence across the state of Missouri, examining how poverty, racial inequality, food and housing insecurity, and other factors contribute to the problem.

Our expert panel will discuss the root causes of gun violence and we’ll take the conversation further to identify actionable plans aimed at addressing these urgent issues for the greater good of our communities.

This digital event is part of the Missouri Gun Violence Project, a two-year, statewide journalism collaboration investigating the causes and possible solutions to gun violence. It is supported by the nonprofits Report for America and Missouri Foundation for Health.


Arletha Bland-Manlove, Community Member

Mikel Whittier, Strategist at Justice & Health Equity with St. Louis Integrated Health Network

Dr. Marvia Jones, Violence Prevention and Policy Manager within the City of Kansas City Health Department

Ashley Bland-Manlove, Missouri State Representative 26th House district


Andres M. Dominguez, Senior Program Officer Health Forward Foundation

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