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Let’s Talk Politics! A Members-Only Dinner Social

Kicking off Ten Years of APS Programming!
5:30 PM 7:30 PM
Unity Temple on the Plaza 707 West 47th Street Kansas City, MO 64112

Let’s Talk Politics! A Members-Only Dinner Social

5:30 PM 7:30 PM
Unity Temple on the Plaza 707 West 47th Street Kansas City, MO 64112


It may be taboo to talk politics in nearly any other social setting, but at this dinner party…it’s encouraged! 

With so much controversy and divisiveness today, it’s easy to feel like we’ve lost the ability to simply talk to each other about what is going on in the world. Bringing up politics or elections or community issues in social settings is usually something to avoid at all costs.

As we kick off APS’ tenth anniversary year and face another high-profile presidential election, we think it’s time to flip the script on this. Not only do we believe in the power of civil conversation, we want to inspire as many of these conversations across our community as we can—even if the topics at hand feel impossible. Because at APS, we know critical thinking and complex problem solving starts with dialogue, exposure to diverse and divergent perspectives, and listening to learn.

To kick off a momentous year, APS invites Members to a special dinner social to talk politics…the APS way! We’ll provide tools to ignite conversations and the space for Members to explore their own diverse and divergent perspectives. Friend of APS and author of “50 States of Mind,” Ryan Bernsten will return to lead a brief recap of the evening’s discussions, exploring the insights gleaned and the ideas for how we can inspire more conversations like this in 2024!

As always, Members are invited to bring a friend.

Dinner Menu: Fajita Bar catered by Chuy’s featuring vegetarian, beef and chicken fajita options with flour and gluten free corn tortillas.


    • 5:30 PM: Arrival cocktails
    • 6:00 PM: Dinner and discussions with fellow Members
    • 7:00 PM: Insight sharing, facilitated by Ryan Bernsten

Season Program Sponsors

Hall Family Foundation

Health Forward Foundation


Sue Seidler Nerman and Lewis Nerman

Marny and John Sherman

William Jewell College