American Public Square is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that seeks to change the tone and quality of public discourse. We organize programs about community, health, education, civics, and faith. At our dinners, conversations, and meetings, panelists with opposing views engage with each other and the audience in civil discussion. If the tone of the conversation veers from civility, our audience members are there to ring the “civility bell,” which reminds everyone to take a deep breath and work together toward real, effective solutions to the issues at hand.

Our programs have featured national figures such as Howard Dean, Kathleen Sebelius, John Danforth, and Kris Kobach; experts from groups such as the American Enterprise Institute, the Cato Institute, the Center for American Progress,  and the National Council of La Raza; community figures such as Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, Rep. Kevin Yoder, U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom, Mayor Sly James, Councilwoman Jolie Justus, and the Rev. Adam Hamilton; and thousands of residents from throughout Kansas City.

Allan Katz, United States Ambassador to Portugal (2010-2013) and University of Missouri Kansas City Distinguished Professor, founded American Public Square in Kansas City in 2013. 


Ambassador Allan Katz

Ambassador Allan Katz


Ashley Beard-Fosnow

Ashley Beard-Fosnow

Executive Director
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Jeff Fendorf

Jeff Fendorf

Program Manager
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Alana Muller

Alana Muller

Community Development Director
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Marlys Shulda

Marlys Shulda

Community Development Coordinator
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Carol Robinson

Carol Robinson

Program Coordinator
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Monte Holman

Monte Holman

Communications Coordinator
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Kaylee Peile

Kaylee Peile

Project Coordinator



Mary Bloch, Co-Chair

The Honorable Peggy Dunn, Co-Chair

Mr. Irvin V. Belzer

Mr. Curt Crespino 

Dr. Denise Dowd

Ms. Denna Essa

Dr. Tamara Falicov

Mr. Adam Fichman

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Mr. Irvine O. Hockaday Jr.

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