Up In Arms: Kids & Guns

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On average, 17,102 children and teens are shot each year. Of that number, 2,737 die.

Firearm injuries are the third leading cause of death among children in the United States, and the number of children killed by guns in this country increased by 30 percent from 2013 to 2016.

But, why?

On September 6, 2018, American Public Square and KCUR 89.3 presented “Up In Arms: Kids & Guns,” where panelists from both sides of the aisle explored the causes of gun-related deaths among children and teens, discussed the dramatic increase in recent years, talked about policy and education programs around firearms, and more.

Professional research librarians collected suggested readings on the subject.

Read the articles below, view facts about the subject on our FACT SHEET compiled by our research librarians, and watch the video of “Up In Arms: Kids & Guns,” filmed by The Kansas City Star.

Gun Policy in America

“This project seeks to clarify what is known and where new information could help build consensus about how to improve U.S. gun policies.”

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The Case for More Guns (and Gun Control)

“How do we reduce gun crime and Aurora-style mass shootings when Americans already own nearly 300 million firearms? Maybe by allowing more people to carry them.”

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Preventing School Shootings: It's Guns, Not Mental Health

“Playing the mental health card will not prevent school shootings.”

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The Real School Safety Debate: Why Legislative Responses Should Focus on Schools and Not on Guns

“In response to the current guns-in-schools debate, this Note proposes that the proper way to address school safety is through state legislation that requires school resource officer programs and individual school safety plans, and creates a source of financial support for these increased safety measures.”

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Key Takeaways on Americans’ View of Guns and Gun Ownership

“Here are some key takeaways from the report, which is based on a new nationally representative survey of 3,930 U.S. adults (including 1,269 gun owners) conducted using the Center’s American Trends Panel.”

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School Violence: Prevalence, Fears and Preventions

“The goal of this paper is to describe the options that are currently available for schools. An analysis of the key components of various approaches in terms of their potential positive and negative effects can assist in the selection of policies, programs, and procedures while we wait for evaluations to be conducted.”

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