The Good Fight For Resources

Reading Roundup

Every day in Kansas City good people do good things. Community advocacy organizations fight the good fight to improve this city and to provide services to all Kansas Citians.

But resources are limited, and groups compete for the resources that are available. Can we work together effectively to make the most of the resources we have? How can organizations cooperate without coopting each other’s missions?

At the second program in American Public Square’s KC Common Good series, an expert panel consisting of a philanthropist, a public policy scholar, and leaders of nonprofit organizations discussed the challenges community advocates face as they compete for resources.

Professional research librarians collected suggested readings on the subject.

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Nonprofit Collaboration 2.0

“As challenges mount, the social good sector must find new ways to join forces.”

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Why Competition in the Nonprofit Sector is Frustrating

“For a long time, the nonprofit sector was largely insulated from the pressures of competition common in the for-profit world. As more and more organizations enter the nonprofit arena, however, attention from donors and volunteers becomes increasingly precious.”

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State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey 2018

“NFF’s Survey raises voices from the nonprofits that support and enrich millions of lives across America. Nearly 3,400 leaders of nonprofits across all 50 states and a wide range of sizes and missions” responded to this survey.

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The State of the Nonprofit Sector in 2017

“There are four major shifts that we see the nonprofit sector experiencing, and affected organizations can benefit from understanding and responding appropriately.”

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