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The Painful Truth – September 20, 2016

We will begin our third (2016-2017) season with a Dinner at the Square looking at opioid use and regulation and whether Missouri should create a prescription drug registry.

Why Can’t We Be Friends: Civility and Politics – October 13, 2016

The need for civil bipartisan discussion is dire in our current political climate. Join us for a panel discussion on October 13th as we explore this issue in partnership with KCUR 89.3 and the Harry S. Truman Library & Museum.

The Neighborhood Effect – November 15, 2016

Distinguished panelists will discuss the link between poverty and housing and how this, in turn, relates to educational opportunities. They will also discuss what choices, steps or policies can or should be taken to change the current situation.  

Who’s Our Neighbor? A Conversation on Neighborhoods, Poverty and Race – December 6, 2016

In Kansas City, there is a connection between where people live and the economic realities of their lives. Who’s Our Neighbor? A Conversation on Neighborhoods, Poverty and Race examines how poverty, race and place interact to affect the people who live in urban neighborhoods.

Religion and Race: Chasm or Bridge? – January 17, 2017

Nearly 50 years ago Martin Luther King, Jr. called 11 am on Sunday morning the most segregated hour in America. While some houses of worship in the U.S. have become more diverse in recent years, about eight-in-ten American congregants still attend services at a place where a single racial or ethnic group comprises at least 80% of the congregation. Panelists discuss whether the American expression of religion inherently segregates or divides along religious lines and whether religion bridges or widens the racial divide.

Live and Learn: Neighborhoods, Education and Transformation – January 24, 2017

Many things outside the classroom affect students’ chances of success and schools have little or no control over many of these conditions. On January 24, 2017, a panel of education and community leaders will discuss the factors that impact the ability of schools to provide a quality education and what schools and the community can and should be doing to improve the chances for student success.

Live, Work, Play: Social Determinants of Health – February 7, 2017

Conditions in places where people live, work and play affect a wide range of health risks and outcomes. These conditions are known as social determinants of health and differences in health are striking in communities with poor social determinants of health. A panel of experts will discuss these conditions and the policies and programs for addressing them.

Cops and Community – March 7, 2017

What causes the tension that exists between many neighborhoods and the officers who patrol them? In a season when violence has sometimes erupted, tempers have flared and police programs emphasizing community relationships have diminished, this discussion explores the historic and present-day relationships among law enforcement officers and all the citizens they are sworn to serve. How are local communities responding to national anxiety about the role of police? And what models will work to ensure safety, justice and peace in the streets?

Violence, Community & Faith: Connecting the Dots – April 19, 2017

Join American Public Square and SevenDays 2017 for a Dinner at the Square on Violence, Community and Faith: Connecting the Dots. A panel representing government, faith and community will have a fact-based, civil conversation about hate crimes and violence and the ways in which the entire community can come together and work to address these issues.

Evening at the Square with Matthew Dowd – May 1, 2017

Join American Public Square for our second annual Evening at the Square fundraising event, featuring American political consultant and current ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd. The night will include a conversation with Matthew, heavy hors d’oeuvres and all the civility you can give and take!




A Dose of Reality: A Medicaid Status Report – October 7, 2015

KCI Up in the Air – December 2, 2015

This was the first in a series in partnership with Kansas City Public Library looking at local issues. A panel of local experts gathered to have a discussion on the future of Kansas City International Airport. Remodel or rebuild?  Single terminal or multiple terminals? 

A Streetcar Named… – January 20, 2016

A panel of local experts with a diversity of positions and opinions discuss the new streetcar line and what the future holds for it.

All in the Family – January 28, 2016

American Public Square will examine the  evolving family in contemporary America. Councilwoman Jolie Justus will be moderating the panel. This event is in partnership with KCPT.

Muslim in the Metro – March 7, 2016

What is it like to be Muslim in Kansas City? Hear firsthand how we face the issues and challenges of a diverse society.

Who Can Help Johnny Read? – March 16, 2016 (Program begins around 18 minutes)

Third-grade reading proficiency is a major factor in determining youngsters’ future success. A panel discusses what’s being done — and what more needs to be done — to insure that local schools are helping their students make the grade.

Our Schools: Raising the Failing Grade – April 7, 2016

How do we define success for students, teachers and school systems?  A panel discusses it from the perspective of government, educators and taxpayers. 

Crossroads of Religion and Politics – April 21, 2016  (KCPT coverage starts around 13 minutes into the video)

Where do religion and politics intersect and what happens when they do?  Clergy and politicians came together to share their views.

Cents and Sensibility – May 11, 2016

Incentives of various types are widely used to encourage and promote “economic development.”  For years, Kansas and Missouri have engaged in a “border war” to attract business.  American Public Square examined the uses and abuses, pluses and minuses of economic development tools.  When is it appropriate to use public dollars to benefit private business?  Who does and should benefit from economic development incentives?  What is effective and what isn’t in creating economic growth in the community?  Are we getting the best return on our dollars?

An Evening at the Square – June 6, 2016

On June 6, 2016 American Public Square hosted an Evening at the Square, its first annual fundraising event. The evening featured a conversation between Ambassador Allan Katz, American Public Square Founder, and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Kathleen Parker. The night also included drinks,  heavy hors d’oeuvres and a fun game of political trivia



Beyond the Melting Pot: Tossed Salad or Fortress America – February 19, 2015

The Politics of Personal Destruction  – June 18, 2015

Bare Minimum: The Great Wage Debate – June 29, 2015