Up In Arms: Reading Roundup

Up In Arms: Kids & Guns Reading Roundup On average, 17,102 children and teens are shot each year. Of that number, 2,737 die. Firearm injuries are the third leading cause of death among children in the United States, and the number of children killed by guns in this...

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On Civility: The Debate Rages On

On Civility: The Debate Rages On The debate about whether, at this moment in American politics, we should be civil toward government officials rages on. Liberal-leaning Americans continue to label Republican (and some Democrat) calls for civility as hypocritical,...

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To Be Civil…or Not to Be?

To Be Civil... Or Not To Be? This week, thanks to several restaurant incidents in which prominent Republicans were harassed or denied dinner, the notion of “civility” in public discourse has become a major topic in the national conversation. At American Public Square,...

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Give the gift of civility!

This season, give the gift of civility! Did you know you can buy American Public Square memberships for your friends and family? A membership offers free tickets to our paid events, supports our mission of changing the tone and quality of public discourse, and adds...

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Civil Citizen: Sister Rose McLarney

CONGRATULATIONS! To Sister Rose McLarney, co-founder and president of Journey To New Life, and recipient of the American Public Square Civil Citizen Award! One of the tenets of American Public Square is to bring together non-like-minded people for civil conversation....

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Heather McGhee and Matt Kibbe — Repairing the Breach

It’s hard to imagine honest, revelatory, even enjoyable conversation between people on distant points of American life right now. But in this public conversation with Krista at the Citizen University annual conference, Matt Kibbe and Heather McGhee show us how.

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