NY Times Op-Ed: Lord of the Lies

Contributing op-ed writer for The New York Times, Timothy Egan, writes: "Setting up a truth referee is not difficult. And while doing such a thing is unlikely to ensure that the debates would be substantive, it could at least guarantee a reality foundation at a time...

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Four ways to fix American politics

Mark Gerzon, author of "The Reunited States of America," mentions American Public Square, along with other problem-solving organizations working to bridge the political divide, in the article below. Take a few minutes to read how Gerzon suggests we can fix American...

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Why Did The Job Cross The Road?

The Kansas-Missouri ‪‎border war‬ is a hot topic and will be the subject of conversation next week at "Cents and Sensibility."Listen to this recent podcast from NPR to learn more about dueling tax breaks and join us on May 11th as we discuss economic development in...

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2015 Gallup Poll

At our special event "Crossroads of Religion and Politics" last week there was a lot of discussion about whether the panelists will vote for a presidential candidate based on his/her religious views and affiliations. Below is the 2015 Gallup poll about whether people...

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